First Reconciliation

What is First Reconciliation?
The encounter with the overwhelming Mercy of God in Reconciliation and the initiation into the Mystery of the Eucharist at First Holy Communion are milestones in the faith development of a child. First Reconciliation is a child’s first formal encounter with God’s mercy. The Sacrament introduces children to a tool of the Church to draw closer to Jesus. Reconciliation is beneficial to each of us, psychologically and spiritually to acknowledge our sins and receive forgiveness. If you are an adult seeking the Sacrament of Reconciliation, information is available on the RCIA page.

How does it work at our parish?
Preparation for First Communion and First Reconciliation occur together.  Second grade students must be attending regular religion classes either at St. Aloysius School, at St. Aloysius Wednesday night Religious Education, or with our Home School option. Complete details on preparing for First Reconciliation are on the First Communion page.

For more information, contact:
Jean Bargiel, Youth Formation Director
419-352-4195 ext. 110