Funeral Luncheon Ministry

Funeral luncheons are offered for the family of any parish member who has died. The luncheon consists of ham, au gratin potatoes, corn, rolls, coffee and lemonade. Additional food is donated by parishioner to supplement the meal including salads and dessert.

The luncheon is held in the Narthex for groups of up to 80 people.  Larger luncheons are held in Hartmann Hall.

There are three community opportunities for parishioners to volunteer their services to this worthwhile ministry.

  1. Kitchen Help: This involves 2-3 hours during the funeral luncheon to assist in the preparation, serving and cleanup.
  2. Phone Captains:  Working from home, this group of volunteers calls parishioners on the food donation list to solicit the donations of food for the luncheon.
  3. Donations of food:  Parishioners donate a salad or dessert on the day of the funeral. Donated items do not have to be homemade. A store-bought item is happily accepted.

To volunteer or to be added to the food donation list, call Marcia Benner at 419-575-0330 or