EPIC (Everyday People In Christ)

Started in the fall of 2018, EPIC is a re-working of the long established St. Aloysius Youth (S.A.Y.) and is open to all high school youth in the parish.

EPIC Fellowship: This is our high school youth group that gathers weekly, typically following the Religious Education program calendar, on Wednesday evenings from 6:45-8:30 p.m. in Clare Hall. All youth in grades 9-12 from both public and parochial schools in Bowling Green, Eastwood, Elmwood, Otsego and other surrounding area schools are welcome to join us for activities. Those activities include spiritual nights, lesson nights, service nights and the ever-popular game nights.

EPIC Recreation: This is a monthly Open Gym night held in Hartmann Hall. Information about dates and times can be found on the parish calendar.

EPIC Service: Youth in our parish are encouraged to get involved in parish life. St. Aloysius extends an open invitation to the youth to serve our parish in a multitude of ways including participation in The Holy Mass. An official organized service component could come some time in the future.

For more information about EPIC, contact:
Scott Goodrich
EPIC Coordinator

Other spiritual growth opportunities are available for high school youth and are sponsored by the Diocese of Toledo, Foundation for Life, and the Catholic Youth Organization.  Some of these include Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) Retreat, Youth Elect Service (YES) Project, XLT: music and praise nights, and the annual Steubenville Youth Conference.  More information about the current opportunities for our high school students in these outside activities is found here.

If you are middle school student, check out the F.I.A.T. (Faith In Action Team) page for students in grades 5-8.