Advisory Ministries

This advisory body of nine appointed parishioners meets monthly to assist the pastor in the stewardship of parish finances, budgeting and capital planning. For more information contact John Gorski via the Parish Office at 419-352-4195.
Members of this committee oversee the maintenance and upkeep of parish facilities, infrastructure and grounds. The committee identifies, prioritizes, and initiates projects to maintain and improve the parish campus. More information on the Maintenance Committee page.
Members of this committee assess the technology and media needs of the parish and work to address them. Members also train camera operators to run the camera for the parishioners viewing Mass from the Narthex. For more information contact Denis Foos at 419-352-4195.
Parish Development is a process that invites input and involves parishioners in the long-range goals of the parish. The Development Committee and the various sub-committees implement activities and processes that work to advance the parish mission and vision for the future through the meaningful involvement of people who give of their time, talent and financial resources. More information on the Parish Development page.
This advisory body of parishioners represents the people of the parish on specific needs as they arise and advises the pastor in meeting those needs. The group is responsible for overseeing, evaluating and implementing the near- and long-term vision of the parish. For more information contact: Bruce Loprete
A body of members from St. Aloysius parish and school advise the pastor and principal on all matters concerning the operation and preservation of St. Aloysius School. The council is tasked with providing for the future needs of the school through ongoing strategic planning. For more information contact Jill Inkrott, via the Parish Office at 419-352-4195.
This group encourages and organizes parental involvement in St. Aloysius School activities and fund raising. For more information contact: Stephanie Fecht at 608-574-6166 or Sara Foos at 419-308-4151.